Argentum's 2022 Senior Living Executive Conference

Hiring for Senior Living is competitive. It shouldn't be impossible to show candidates that you are the clear choice. This year at Argentum's 2022 Senior Living Executive Conference, we highlighted Apploi's mission to help healthcare hire, onboard, and retain staff more successfully.



 May 16-18, 2022

 Minneapolis, MN

 Booth #1033

Gain an Unfair Advantage in Senior Living Hiring


You want to provide the best care possible for your residents. But, with the demand for healthcare professionals increasing, there are not enough qualified candidates to fill open roles. 

At our booth, we gave an in-depth view on how Apploi:

Attracts new nurses, caregivers, and other staff into your community faster

Builds career branding with professional career pages, custom job postings, and streamlined applicant communication 

Leverages digital record-keeping to monitor credentials and vaccination status 

Strengthens employee retention with robust digital onboarding

Need a recap?

Book your intro call below to see how Apploi's end-to-end healthcare hiring and people sourcing platform quickly and easily connects you with more candidates.

With Apploi, your team can gain the advantage with a tool built specifically to attract more candidates, engage applicants, and efficiently onboard new employees.